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Founder & Managing Director

Stephen J. Gomez

I started with Ty in May 2001 as a rep. in London, a job no one wanted apparently! After expanding the account base I was promoted to National Accounts in 2004. With the opening of several new national accounts, I was achieving 25% of the company's turnover. In acknowledgement of this I was appointed a Director in Jan. 2008.

After nearly 15 years with Ty Uk I branched out on my own on July 1st 2015 starting PSL. I continue to work closely with the Ty brand both here and in the U.S helping to manage sales growth and licensing.

Ty Warner, one of the most successful self made businessmen in the world (see Forbes) has been a great mentor of mine for 15 years and still is. He has helped me in all aspects of my business life and continues to do so.

I am a Fellow of The Institute Of Sales and Marketing Management.

Also, in 2009 I was entered into the "Who's Who of Britain's Business Elite" in recognition of my contribution to being in the top 1% of 22,296 fastest growing companies in Britain.


Company Secretary


Amanda started out in insurance in a large agency in Maidstone, Kent. Hard work, boring and challenging at the same time. She moved on to run the office of a busy scaffolding firm.

Then an opportunity came up to become the PA to the Managing Director of Ward Homes, one of the largest building companies in the south east, responsible for most of the new homes in the Bearsted area of Maidstone.

She left to start a family, then joined the family business, recently becoming Company Secretary to PSL. She is a welcome addition to the growing business.


PA to Stephen


Shontelle started out in administration for a sub division of DEFRA making sure the animals that are in the food chain are legally managed and fit for human consumption. She then moved onto recruitment, managing one of the largest fruit suppliers in the south east's labour requirments.

After gaining vast experience in a fast moving office along with hard core recruitment and sales knowledge, she felt ready to become PA to Stephen Gomez, who is quite demanding, not superbly organised and a bit of a comedian to book.

She has now organised him and keeps all his business appointments and admin on track!


Merchandising Manager


Yasmin also worked for a sub-division of DEFRA, making sure none of us get sick from the food we eat.

She now works with Stephen, making sure all stores comply with Ty Warner's merchandising programme. Carefully managing merchandising means everyone is a winner; stores and suppliers both make great sales. Careful brand management means longevity. Yasmin really understands that business is a long term game.

She also loves R&B, off roading and travelling!

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The world's #1 plush brand.

Ty Warner, after working in the gift industry for many years, started his own company selling plush in the early 80s. It developed into a large corporation and after he created Beanie Babies, sales went out of the stratosphere.

Ty has always looked at long term business goals, making his products innovative, affordable, and of a high quality.

PSL works with Ty, along with Mark Swallow, the owner of Ty UK, the distribution arm of Mr Warner's company, to help manage the brand.